Coffees and Coffee Alternatives

Hot or cold we have a large selection of drinks to choose from.  And if you have a favorite that's a little unusual  - just let us know - we stock nearly 75 regular and sugar free flavors, so custom drinks just aren't a problem!


We offer Soy, Rice and Almond, Hemp and Coconut milk as alternatives.


Espresso Drinks

Latte (add any of our many flavors) 

Mocha (traditional Ghiradelli, dark chocolate, or white chocolate) 

Cappucino (wet, dry or somewhere in the middle, our baristas are experts!) 



Cafe au Lait / Misto 

Doppio Espresso

Traditional Macchiato

Cold Brew Espresso

White Coffee (light rost, high caffeine!) 

Fresh Brewed Coffee available all day - hot or iced.  We brew Caffe D'Arte's Meaning of Life (a rich medium brew) Gourmet Drip Dark (a bold, smooth dark brew)  and Decaf all day, every day.

The Alternatives

Chai Tea Latte'  

London Fog (tea latte') 

Apple Cider  

Hot or Iced Tea (regular or herbal)

Hot Chocolate (Hersheys, Ghiradellis, dark or white)

"Red Bull Spritzer" (redbull with flavor of choice)