Kimball Espresso Cafe: We strive for perfection

Kimball Espresso Cafe uses only the highest quality coffees from Caffe D'Arte and the freshest milk from Smith Brothers Farms. We grind our coffee and hand steam the milk fresh for every drink to insure the perfect cup every time. We focus on training our baristas to keep things consistent - so, whether you come in every morning or just once in a while, you'll get a great cup of coffee every time.


Friendly service is a given.  We here at Kimball Cafe love to get to know our customers personally and take pride in knowing your favorite drink by heart.


Our cafe menu items are all prepared TO ORDER -nothing made ahead, sitting in the fridge - so you know it is FRESH! And we can always make little adjustments to our standard menu items to make sure you get just what you are hungry for.


Fresh breakfast pastries are delivered to us several times a week by Marsee Bakery in Kent, WA.


The team at Kimball Espresso Cafe looks forward to welcoming you!


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